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We provide online therapy to high achievers in New York.


We specialize in supporting high achievers facing a range of challenges such as:


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As someone working in New York, you know how to dream big, set goals, and achieve them; you know how others measure success and you know how to work your way through that system to move up the ladder. Yet somehow, something still feels off. You continue to accomplish the next milestone, assuming that will be the one that brings fulfillment, but fulfillment never comes.

The truth is, fulfillment never comes because you’re constantly moving goal posts and coming up with new ways to prove your worth. Instead of taking breaks and celebrating your wins, you push yourself even harder. You believe contentment breeds averageness so you wind up suspended in a cycle of hustle and bustle, drowning in your own ambition. Although you continue to achieve your goals, the self-imposed pressure to continuously perform is starting to weigh on you.

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling in NYC, we want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way. Our therapists in NYC help high achievers who struggle with perpetual dissatisfaction cultivate fulfilling lives – without being more, having more, or doing more. We believe that these struggles often trace back to early childhood development and outdated social systems that you have subconsciously internalized.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, we value and respect each individual’s uniqueness. Therefore, our team of New York psychotherapists provide personalized support tailored to their identities, backgrounds, and specific needs. Some specialized populations we work with include:

Our Mental Health Services in New York City

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, we understand the unique pressures and demands that high achievers often experience. Our team of New York psychotherapists specialize in supporting high achievers overcome challenges such as:

Our Evidence Based Practice

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, we believe in the power of evidence-based therapy to help our clients achieve lasting change. Our New York psychotherapists have received training in several evidence-based therapies, including:

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