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Empowering You Through Every Step of Your Mental Health Journey

Uncover Mental Health Counseling is thrilled to have you and your loved ones join us in breaking down barriers in mental health. Our team of NYC psychotherapists understands that each person’s background and identity is unique, which is why we are committed to tailoring our mental health services to suit the specific needs of you and your loved ones. Our New York therapists are dedicated to ensuring that every visit exceeds your expectations and addresses your individual needs. Whether you’re a successful woman, a driven teenager, an ambitious young adult or if you identify as part of the LGBT, AAPI or BIPOC communities, we are here to provide the support and empowerment you need throughout your journey towards better mental health.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ (LGBTQ+)

Uncover Mental Health Counseling is committed to creating an affirming and supportive environment for members of the LGBT community. Our NYC psychotherapists recognize the cultural norms and values that may influence LGBT mental health, including internalized homophobia/transphobia, substance use, and familial/social rejections. Our team consists of gay therapist in NYC who provide a judgment-free space where clients can explore their identities, express their feelings, and discuss their experiences. We address issues such as coming out, family dynamics, and relationship concerns, while promoting self-love and self-acceptance. Our ultimate goal is to create spacies for LGBT clients to cultivate resilience, build supportive networks, and foster a positive sense of identity.

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI)

Uncover Mental Health Counseling recognizes the diversity within the AAPI community and respects the cultural nuances that may impact Asian mental health. Our NYC psychotherapists understand the intergenerational dynamics and the challenges that AAPI individuals may encounter, such as immigration trauma, acculturation stress, model minority myth, and rising Asian hate crimes. Our team consists of Asian therapists in NYC who recognize the cultural norms and values that may influence AAPI individuals’ mental health, including filial piety, respect for authority figures, and saving face. Our aim is to help our Asian clients process mental health hurdles related to cultural identity, and develop coping strategies to manage stress while they navigate societal expectations.

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Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community in NYC faces unique mental health challenges that are often rooted in systemic racism, discrimination, and marginalization. Uncover Mental Health Counseling is committed to addressing mental health disparities and promoting healing within the BIPOC community. Our NYC psychotherapists recognize the cultural norms and values that may influence BIPOC mental health, including generational trauma, counter-dependence, discrimination and racism, and economic inequality. Our team consists of BIPOC therapists in NYC where clients can feel safe to discuss racial trauma, identity, and experiences of discrimination. Our goal is to empower our BIPOC clients to honor their stories, celebrate their strengths, and heal their minds with coping skills, emotional support, and validation.

High Achieving Women

High achieving women may experience added pressure to succeed in their careers, maintain a social life, and complete family responsibilities, which can make these difficulties much more difficult. Uncover Mental Health Counseling recognizes the unique mental health challenges faced by women in NYC, such as the high levels of stress and anxiety brought on by living in New York while juggling multiple work responsibilities and navigating personal relationships. Our New York therapists provide a safe and empathetic space for high achieving women to discuss their big ambitions, hidden fears, and high aspirations. We address mental health issues that may arise due to imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and the difficulty of balancing work and personal life. Our ultimate aim is to empower high achieving women to have it all by equipping them with coping skills, reframing unhelpful thoughts, and developing a positive self-image to tackle whatever life throws at them.

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High Achieving Teens

Adolescence can be an emotionally turbulent phase, particularly for teenagers in NYC who may experience heightened stress and anxiety due to academic pressures and social expectations. At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, our NYC psychotherapists specialize in providing teenage therapy and counseling for teens where teenagers in NYC can freely express themselves. We have therapists in NYC who recognize the cultural norms and values that may influence teenage mental health issues, including social media, peer pressure, family problems, and more. Our goal is to help high achieving teens develop strong minds and bright futures through healthy coping mechanisms, enhance self-esteem, and cultivate emotional intelligence.

High Achieving Young Adults

Transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood can be overwhelming, as high achieving young adults confront the challenges of starting a career in NYC, managing finances, and forming adult relationships/friendships. Our NYC psychotherapists at Uncover Mental Health Counseling work with high achieving young adults to set achievable goals, explore their career paths, navigate dating and relationships, and develop the necessary life skills to survive and thrive in New York. Our New York therapists also address mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and fear of uncertainty about the future. Our goal is to help young adults in NYC navigate life transitions and the mental health challenges that may come with it with ease.

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