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​​Accessibility Statement

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Uncover Mental Health Counseling is committed to ensuring accessibility for all individuals, including those who are differently abled. We strive to provide an inclusive and user-friendly experience for everyone who visits our website and avails our counseling services. We are continuously working to improve and maintain accessibility in accordance with applicable laws and standards.

Web Accessibility:

Our website is designed to be compatible with commonly used assistive technologies and web browsers. We aim to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA, which provide recommendations for making web content more accessible to people with disabilities.

Accessibility Features:

Here are some of the accessibility features we have implemented on our website:

  • Alternative Text: We use descriptive alternative text for images, allowing screen readers to convey visual information to users with visual impairments.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Our website can be navigated and accessed using keyboard-only controls, providing an accessible option for those who cannot use a mouse.
  • Clear Structure and Headings: We use proper heading structures to ensure content organization and facilitate screen reader navigation.
  • Consistent Layout: Our website maintains a consistent layout and design, making it easier for users to understand and interact with the content.

Feedback and Support:

We value your feedback and suggestions regarding accessibility improvements. If you encounter any barriers or have difficulty accessing any part of our website, please let us know so that we can address the issue promptly.

Contact Us:

If you require assistance or have questions about our accessibility efforts, please contact us at:

Uncover Mental Health Counseling, PLLC

Address: 733 3rd Ave Fl 16 New York, NY 10017

Email: info@uncovercounseling.com

Phone: 646-868-8480

Commitment to Ongoing Improvement:

Ensuring accessibility is an ongoing commitment, and we will continue to review, assess, and enhance our website and services to make them as accessible as possible to all users.

Date of Last Update: 8/1/2023

Thank you for visiting Uncover Mental Health Counseling. We are dedicated to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for everyone seeking our mental health counseling services. Your well-being and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us.