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Evidence Based Therapy at the Convenience of Your Home

As a high achiever, you may have reservations about therapy because seeking help may not come naturally to you. It’s possible that you believe being successful and intelligent shields you from mental health issues. However, the truth is that everyone requires support at some point, and that’s why Uncover Mental Health Counseling is here to provide accessible mental health assistance and online therapy in NYC specifically tailored for high achievers.

Our highly-trained therapists use evidence based therapy to guide you to navigate your life and effectively cope with life’s challenges. We focus on practical solutions for the present while also shedding light on how the past might still influence your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. We integrate the following evidence based therapy specialties to provide our clients with tools that will help strengthen their mental health and achieve sustainable success in all areas of life. 

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Psychodynamic Therapy

We know that high achievers feel a lot of pressure to meet their high expectations. We use psychodynamic therapy, an evidence based therapy, at Uncover Mental Health Counseling to help you understand why this is the case by exposing buried ideas and memories that may be impacting your present thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We begin this evidence based practice with the comprehension of the unconscious factors that influence your life by creating a secure area for you to express yourself. You have the potential to modify your life and discover more fulfillment by developing your self-awareness and recognizing your habits and motives.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It’s common for high achievers to worry about not meeting all of their goals which makes it easy to start thinking negatively about yourself or your situation. An evidence based therapy that can help clarify those negative thought patterns is Cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an evidence based therapy practice that helps people who are constantly thinking about the worst case scenario like yourself by identifying and challenging these automatic negative beliefs, and develop more productive and realistic thoughts to move forward so that you can get out of the rut.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

As a high achiever, it can be challenging to carve out time to take a break, relax yourself, and enjoy life because you feel this constant pressure to be perfect and scared that pursuing your hobbies may hold you back from succeeding in life. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can assist with this since it is an evidence based practice that teaches you how to accept yourself exactly as you are and take steps toward the things that genuinely makes you happy.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

As a high achiever, it makes sense to feel anxious and overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned. You may start to doubt yourself and believe that you are failing at everything even if you’re doing well. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence based practice that teaches you: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills that will help you feel more in control of your life.

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Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

As a high achiever, you might feel inadequate despite your achievements which is where Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) might come in handy. REBT is an evidence based therapy that focuses on replacing illogical thinking with more realistic ones. You may change how you feel and act in different situations by questioning negative assumptions about yourself, others, and the environment. It’s all about recognizing and modifying those harmful beliefs in order to improve your mental health.

Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy

You may have done a lot as a high achiever in New York City, but you still feel that something is preventing you from truly enjoying your accomplishments. Negative self-talk and worry caused by prior experiences might make it difficult to achieve achievement. Prolonged Exposure (PE) treatment is an evidence based practice that can help with this. PE is a form of cognitive-behavioral treatment that helps people in confronting and overcoming their fear and avoidance of traumatic situations. The idea is for you to gradually confront these memories and experiences, giving you tools to handle them and go ahead. With the help of this evidence based therapy practice, working through these issues will allow you to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and find greater fulfillment in your successes.

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