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5 Common Relationship Fears in High Achievers

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High achievers are driven by their ambition and commitment to success. But, living a realist lifestyle that’s focused on goals makes high achievers fearful of engaging in relationships. For the high achiever, relationships open challenges that trigger insecurities and it can stem from a lot of external factors. This article explores 5 common fears of high achievers in relationships. Understanding these fears will help you find effective ways of coping with them so you can build solid relationships that last through the years.

List of Fears in a Relationship for High Achievers

Fear can be caused by a lot of different factors. Here are 5 of the most common fears of high achievers when it comes to relationships:

  1. Fear of vulnerability. Engaging in relationships requires trust and letting go of control, and that’s what makes it fearful for the perfectionist high achiever. Because they don’t want to feel vulnerable about their feelings, they often have a hard time opening up, and that increases relationship anxiety.
  2. Fear of failure. The mind of a high achiever is accustomed to achieving goals. Anything less than perfect is not acceptable to them. Fear of failure makes high achievers hesitant to enter relationships. So, they hold back on potentially good ones.
  3. Fear of judgment. High achievers are overly concerned about getting criticized. In response to this fear, they can be emotionally detached and they put a limit on how much they trust their partner. This relationship fear strains the relationship.
  4. Fear of losing control. High achievers are used to having full control of their lives. So, they fear that they lose their sense of control when they engage with romantic partners. Individuals who have this fear are often obsessed with controlling the outcome and direction of their relationships.
  5. Fear of losing focus. Deeply driven by goals and ambitions, high achievers have a hard time prioritizing relationships. They fear that when they do commit to a relationship, they lose focus on their goals and ambitions. This fear can manifest as a reluctance to commit time and energy to the relationship.

Overcoming fear in a relationship is possible!

There are many different types of relationship fears as described above. It takes self-awareness, patience, and openness to communication to overcome relationship fears. When you recognize and acknowledge the fears that haunt you in the relationship, you can take proactive steps to address them. Overcoming fears can be a long and emotional journey, but it’s the change you need to undergo if you want a strong and lasting relationship. Do you need professional help in overcoming your relationship fears? Our experienced therapists at Uncover Mental Health Counseling can help you uncover the root of your fears and guide you in overcoming them. Schedule an appointment today.

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