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Anxiety among High Achievers in NYC: Prevalence and Practical Tips for Management

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Anxiety is a common mental health issue that affects people from all walks of life, including the top performers in New York City (NYC). High achievers often feel they have a lot to do – they juggle multiple responsibilities, set these high self-expectations, and constantly strive to upskill. While these characteristics can help a high achiever succeed in life, it’s not uncommon for such pressure to lead to feelings of anxiety.

Is it common for high achievers to struggle with anxiety in NYC?

New York is home to many successful people who seek success and excellence in both their personal and professional lives. They tend to have high expectations of themselves and work hard to meet those expectations. While this can be an advantage, this trait can also increase stress and anxiety.

Anxiety is a common symptom among New York’s elite. In fact, a New York University (NYU) study found that high-achieving students in big cities like New York are more likely than their peers to experience anxiety. The study also discovered that those with high academic achievement were more likely to experience panic attacks, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder. High achievers frequently struggle with anxiety as a result of their propensity for perfectionism and the pressure to succeed. High performers tend to set themselves impossible goals because they are frequently more focused than others. They are capable of bearing a heavy burden that worries them. In addition, a high achiever may struggle to accept failure, which can cause anxiety.

Performance pressure can trigger anxiety among top performers in New York City. They may worry about meeting deadlines, surprising clients or colleagues, or not meeting their own expectations. High achievers also often struggle to balance their personal and professional life in New York, which can make them feel stressed and overwhelmed.

What Can You Do About It?

If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety due to a history of high achievement, it’s essential to take steps to get help. By understanding what causes it and taking action to address it, you can make positive strides toward managing your anxiety. Here are some things you can do. 

  1. Recognize the signs of anxiety. It is important to recognize that anxiety is a real problem and needs to be addressed. A high achiever might be so preoccupied with their goals that they fail to recognize their anxiety symptoms. People can take steps to manage their anxiety by becoming aware of its physical and emotional symptoms, such as sweating, worried thoughts, and an elevated heart rate.
  2. Practice self-care. Anxiety can be reduced and general health can be enhanced through exercise, meditation, and spending quality time with loved ones. A well-educated high achiever can engage in self-care activities by visiting one of: New York’s numerous gyms, meditation areas, and parks . Regular exercise is among the best ways to lower anxiety. Give yourself some alone time and allow yourself to take breaks, even if they only last a few minutes each day.
  3. Set SMART goals. Setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive goals is just as important as having high expectations because you can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the constant pursuit of perfection in NYC.
  4. Ask for support. A high achiever living in New York often feels they have to go through it alone and keep their issues to themselves. However, the help of friends, family, or a therapist can really help because you have people to vent your ideas to and offer the help you need. may need. If you’re in New York, you can also take advantage of other resources, such as helplines, support groups, and counseling centers.

High achievers often have a lot of pressure to succeed and can be prone to feelings of anxiety. While it’s not easy, it’s essential to recognize the issue and take steps to manage it. With the right tools, high achievers can learn how to cope with their anxiety and feel more confident in their personal and professional lives. And if professional help is what’s needed, Uncover Mental Health Counseling is serving the New York Metropolitan area and we’re here to help New York mental health improve. Get in touch with us today to start feeling better!

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