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Hidden Fears of High Achievers

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Shooting for the stars is not bad at all if you know how to manage your expectations and set healthy limits for yourself. However, this aspect is something that many high achievers overlook because they are too focused on just achieving their goals that nothing else matters. Even though high achievers look like they have it all, many of them have secret fears that even their closest friends and family don’t know about. If you’re a high achiever, identifying and understanding your fears is the best thing you can do for yourself today.

What are the Common Hidden Fears of High Achievers?

High achievers are often secretive about their fears. These are a few of the most common fears that a high achiever might be facing on a daily basis:

  1. High achievers fear failing.  The most obvious one is that high achievers are afraid to fail. Failure can come in many forms like losing a game or getting lower grades than your peers. For many high achievers, failing leads to shame and inadequacy.
  2. High achievers fear being compared to others. We often think that high achievers love competition, but it’s the other way around. High achievers fear getting compared to others, especially to those who are doing better than them. When high achievers are getting compared, it kills their self-esteem and downgrades their motivation.
  3. High achievers are afraid of doing anything less than perfect. Another secret fear of a high achiever is doing anything below their standard of perfection. High achievers are always compelled to do great things, but they’re also afraid of getting criticized for not doing it perfectly. Moreover, high achievers are often perfectionists, so they end up not being able to tolerate their imperfections.
  4. High achievers fear that they might doubt their accomplishments. High achievers can be hard on themselves and set unachievable standards, while having an extremely low tolerance for failure. A high achiever is often too afraid to commit a mistake because of   their fear of doubting their accomplishments. Due to this unhealthy trait, they miss out on important growth opportunities.
  5. High achievers fear if they are ever doing well enough. Nothing seems to be good enough for high achievers. As a result, a high achiever ends up with the fear of not doing well enough in the activities and ventures that they start. They self-doubt and often feel that they are always inadequate.

Get help from a New York Psychotherapist today!

High achievers are just like everyone else. They also have hidden fears. Fear makes them wonder if they are doing better than others or if they’re doing anything good enough at all. These unending fears bug the mind of a high achiever, it can be exhausting and can even lead to other mental conditions like anxiety and depression.

If you feel like you’re a high achiever trapped in a cycle of fear and there’s no way out, contact us for help. Equipped with extensive experience and genuine empathy, we at Uncover Mental Health Counseling will help you break your chains of hidden fear and live a happy, fulfilled life.

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