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How High Achievers Make Relationships Work

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Relationships are hard enough, but the added challenges such as pressure to achieve in one’s professional life and working in high-stress environments make relationships even harder. Several studies point to an inverse correlation between high achievement and relationship satisfaction and intimacy, and a direct correlation between achievement or pursuit of achievement and relationship conflict and stress. Relationship skills can be learned to maintain and manage healthy relationships.

Relationship success tips

Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship requires effort and compromise from both partners, especially if both partners are high-achievers and ambitious. Here are some relationship skills high achievers practice to make relationships work despite the challenges.

  1. Practice clear, specific, and respectful communication. High achievers with successful relationships are direct and honest while talking to their partners. They try to be as clear and precise as possible when communicating their needs, wants, goals, and aspirations. They tend to avoid using unclear language to lessen the likelihood of misunderstandings and arguments. As clear as they are when communicating their needs, they also have to practice one of the many relationship healthy tips which is active listening when their partner talks.
  2. Schedule time for your relationship. Leaders have gotten to where they are because they put in a lot of hours, and they spend most of their waking hours working towards their goal. Because of this, there is less time for them to concentrate on their relationship. This has a negative effect on a couple’s ability to feel emotionally connected. High achievers often have busy schedules, but those with successful relationships often set aside dedicated time for their relationship, whether it be a date night or simply spending quality time together regularly. They understand that this is one of the many crucial relationship skills they can master.
  3. Set boundaries and expectations. High achievers who are satisfied with their relationships are more likely to talk to their partner about their career or other personal goals and aspirations. They set boundaries and respect each other’s personal space and time, both understanding that their partner may need alone time or time to work on personal projects. Having clear expectations is a relationship skill that makes it easier for the couple to support each other.
  4. Be willing to compromise. High achievers understand how important it is to stay focused on their goals, but those in happy relationships equally understand that one of the most important relationship skills is to be open to compromise in their relationship. This relationship health tip might mean finding ways to spend quality time together, even when one or both are busy. Being fully present at certain events or activities that are important to their partner is their priority.

Learn relationship skills today!

Successful love and relationships take effort and hard work. High achievers are no strangers to hard work and putting in the effort. Relationship management skills are just a matter of finding a good balance between your professional and personal life. If you need help in making your relationship work, get in touch with a relationship therapist at Uncover Mental Health Counseling for expert counseling.

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