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How to Make Friends: Tips for High Achievers

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High achievers are under constant pressure to improve themselves and beat their standards of greatness. Living the high achiever life opens boundless opportunities. But the overflow of drive and ambition can also lead to a busy and isolated lifestyle. As a result, maintaining friendly relationships while juggling a demanding career can take a toll on mental health and emotional wellness. This article aims to help high achievers uncover effective ways to make friends.

Wondering how to make friends when you have none?

Introvert or extrovert, these tips will help you overcome any social barriers so you can start living a happy life shared with good friends. Here are some tips that might help you:

  1. Make yourself available, and go out often. It’s challenging to find friends that match your personality and style. It’s even harder to make friends with a high achiever’s full schedule. But to make new connections, you need to go out there and socialize. The more you go out, you’re more likely to form great friendships.
  2. Participate in social events and activities. A study by YouGov published in Forbes mentioned that friendships start in social clubs 32% of the time. Social events are the best place to find people who have the same interest as you if you’re thinking about how to make friends. This can be a strong foundation for great friendships. 
  3. Creative ideas are great conversation starters. Creative conversation starters make you more memorable and likable to new people you meet. It shows that you are able to empathize with others and are confident in the way you carry yourself. Interesting conversation can be a good way to make friends.
  4. Small talk keeps the conversation going. Small talk breaks the ice and creates a comfortable atmosphere for conversations. It eases feelings of tension and awkwardness, especially when meeting new friends. Moreover, engaging in small talk helps you get to know the new person better and find commonality between you two.
  5. Go out with your work colleagues for lunch or coffee. Going out with work colleagues for lunch or coffee helps build lasting friendships in the workplace. Lunch outings and coffee dates help you connect with your colleagues on a personal level so you can more easily become friends with them. Building relationships like this makes work more enjoyable and productive too.

Learn social skills tips today!

Obsession with perfection and ambition can make the high achiever’s life feel lonely and isolated. As a high achiever, making friends can be challenging, but not impossible. Equipped with the right mindset and approach, it’s possible to build meaningful friendships that enrich your life professionally and personally. Do you struggle with socialization and have a hard time making friends? Wondering how to make friends when you have social anxiety? Contact us at Uncover Mental Health Counseling and we’ll help you develop better interpersonal relations.

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