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Why Are High Achievers in NYC Prone to Anxiety and Tools to Cope with Anxiety

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Living in a big city like New York feels like a minefield for an anxiety-prone person. A study in 2021 showed that 38.5% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression and 20% were not able to get the professional support that they need. For a busy city like New York, where people live a fast-paced life, anxiety can be easily triggered by many different factors, and it’s especially true for high achievers. Why are high achievers in New York City more prone to anxiety? This article will help you understand more about high achieving anxiety.

What Causes Anxiety among High Achievers in NYC?

A survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that anxiety and depression are the leading mental health concerns in the U.S. Moreover, it’s important to note that high achievers in New York City face unique challenges that can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety.

  1. High-pressure work environments: High achievers in NYC frequently work in demanding, stressful environments that are fast-paced and high-pressure. NYC’s typical high-pressure workplaces can be demanding and stressful, which raises anxiety levels. New York City is home to many high achievers who work in fields like finance, law, and technology where long hours and strict deadlines are the norm. Because of the constant pressure these professionals face to deliver their best work and accomplish their objectives, stress and anxiety symptoms may develop.
  2. Perfectionism: In NYC, many high achievers have extremely high standards for themselves, which can cause inadequacy and self-doubt. In this city, many people have extremely high standards for themselves and are constantly looking to get better. While striving for excellence can be advantageous in many ways, when things don’t go as planned, it can also cause feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.
  3. Competitiveness: As people strive to outperform their peers, the competitive nature of the job market in NYC can increase stress and anxiety levels. The city’s intense competition and hectic pace are among the main causes of high achieving anxiety. Due to its reputation as the global center of commerce and finance, New York City draws highly qualified and ambitious professionals.
  4. Financial pressures: High achievers may experience financial pressure to maintain a particular lifestyle or achieve their financial goals because living expenses in NYC are high. Due to the high cost of living in the city, many people experience financial strain when trying to maintain a particular standard of living or achieve financial objectives. As a result, there might be a sense of urgency and stress, high achieving anxiety is challenging to control.

Overall, high achievers living in New York are more prone to anxiety because they tend to be perfectionists and set very high standards for themselves, which means that if they don’t meet those standards, they feel like failures. Many high achievers set unrealistic and unattainable goals for themselves, and it opens more opportunities for frustration and stress.

Mindful Tools To Cope with Anxiety

Certain habits and behaviors put high achievers at risk for anxiety. If you’re suspecting that you are in the pitfall for high achieving anxiety, here are some mindful strategies that may work for you:

  1. When you feel pressured or anxious, take a break by enjoying a peaceful walk outdoors. Walking is a great way to help manage your anxiety because it allows you to take a break from your normal routine and focus on something else. It’s mentally refreshing, and it can help you clear your head.
  2. Practice deep breathing regularly and use calming breathing exercises whenever necessary. Breathing exercises help you focus on breathing and control your thoughts. This process can help you gain more control over your emotions and feel more relaxed overall.
  3. Be mindful of your feelings and try to talk about them with family and trusted friends. When you talk about your feelings, you can get a fresh perspective on your situation from people you trust, and it helps you understand your feelings better. 
  4. Activities like yoga and jogging are good for the mind and body. Yoga and jogging are good for your mind and body because they help you to relax and it’s a great way to reduce stress. These activities are great tools to cope with anxiety. .

Learn how to cope with anxiety and overthinking today!

If you’re a high achiever in NYC and you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, know that you’re not alone.

Anxiety is common and high achievers living in a busy city like New York are more prone than they know. The anxious feeling is usually caused by setting unrealistic expectations and the constant pressure from comparing yourself to others. If you’re feeling symptoms of anxiety, follow the mindful strategies to help you deal with it. If you feel you need professional help, seeking the tools to cope with anxiety, reach out to us.

Seeking therapy can be a powerful step towards managing your mental health and achieving balance in your life. High achieving anxiety can be challenging, but we can provide you the tools to cope with anxiety and overthinking. We at Uncover Mental Health Counseling are here to help high achievers, like you, start your path to wellness. Set up an appointment with us right away.

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