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Chelsey Weiss - LMHC - Associate Therapist

Chelsey Weiss, MHC-LP

New York Psychotherapist 

Hi, I’m Chelsey! Have you ever experienced a moment, situation, or period in your life where you longed for someone to confide in? And not just anyone, but someone with whom you felt completely at ease and could share anything, knowing that you would not face judgment but rather emerge stronger and more self-assured. My aim is to become that person for you.Growing up as a jewish-american woman, with an Israeli mother and German father who were 18 years apart, I didn’t always feel like I had someone. Throughout my years of adolescents I felt misunderstood and unable to connect to those around me. This caused me to isolate and disconnect from my feelings. This lack of control resulted in me becoming a perfectionist and extremely hard on myself. I became paralyzed by feelings of constant worrying and overwhelmness. For years this went on to where I would question my actions and decisions. I would look to others and compare myself.

However, with persistence and patience, I gained a better understanding of my identity and learned to accept and embrace my emotions. This ignited my passion for helping others on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth. My goal is to empower you to overcome any obstacles that may be hindering your personal growth, so you can live a fulfilling and authentic life.

I provide a personalized approach to therapy by creating a safe and non-judgmental environment where we can work together to identify your unique needs and goals. By utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques, stress reduction strategies, and problem-solving approaches, we will work towards achieving greater success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

I am committed to helping you discover and embrace your true self, and I am excited to be a part of your journey. If you’re interested in seeing what you can achieve, reach out to book a complimentary 15-minute consultation. 

EDUCATION: BA in Business Administration, Florida Atlantic University; MA in Mental Health Counseling, New York University

SPECIALITIES: childhood trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship conflict, agoraphobia