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Emily Tham, MHC-LP

New York Psychotherapist 

Hi, I’m Emily – a first generation Asian American with Chinese and Vietnamese lineage. Growing up, the conversation surrounding mental health was stigmatized and uncommon in my culture. As a result, I’ve developed the unhealthy habit of bottling in emotions and striving for ‘perfection’ during my adolescent years. I quickly found that this way of living wasn’t sustainable and faced my own mental health challenges.

As an individual who has experienced depression, anxiety, and panic, I know what it’s like to feel the world passing by while watching from the sidelines. Through my own personal struggles and growth, I’ve developed healthier habits and coping skills to combat life’s stressors and challenges. I recognize that life will never be easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire to show up as the best version of ourselves every day.

Today, I empower individuals to improve self-confidence, gain coping skills to overcome life’s adversaries, and process subconscious trauma. Together, I hope to dismantle the stigma that surrounds mental health and stop the cycle of generational trauma that we may not realize we’ve been carrying. In sessions together, I strive to create a space that recognizes our past, embraces the present, and remains optimistic for the future. Together, we can build healthier habits to continuously show up as the truest and best forms of ourselves!

EDUCATION: BA in Psychology, Stony Brook University; MA in Mental Health Counseling, New York University