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Theresa Linson - LMHC - Senior Therapist

Theresa Linson, LMHC

New York Psychotherapist 

Hi, I’m Theresa! As a bisexual, genderqueer female born into a Catholic family, you can probably imagine how confused I was growing up. As a teenager, I desperately wanted to fit in and feared that if I was fully myself around my friends and family I would be rejected, so I learned to hide parts of who I was in order to feel safe. I kept my thoughts to myself and held back from engaging in activities I was drawn to because I was afraid of being “found out” or criticized. Over time, this spilled over into my career: I learned to be agreeable, power through, and overcommit myself just to get along — and it didn’t help that the journey to becoming a therapist very much emphasized abandoning my own needs and steering away from personal disclosure in order to be a “blank slate” for my clients.

Slowly but surely, I developed more clarity around who I am and came to understand that holding multiple identities can allow me to hold multiple truths. I can be Catholic and still be bisexual. I can censor who I am and still be criticized. I can be a kind person and still say no. I can be a therapist and still be human. After working so hard to overcome the insecurity, fear, and shame that used to rule my life, I wanted nothing more than to help other young adults live happier, more authentic lives by quieting their inner critic.

Today, I help high-achieving young people who are struggling with low self-esteem restructure their thoughts so they can fully embrace who they are in relationships and at work. I believe that emotional safety is the essential building block for vulnerability and change, which is why emotional regulation techniques and effective communication skills are so foundational in the work I do with my clients as they learn to stay grounded during stressful times and courageously share their needs with others. For me, there’s nothing more satisfying than creating space for my clients to challenge the internalized beliefs that are no longer serving them, confront their fears, and safely step out of their comfort zone.

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EDUCATION: BA in Psychology, Ramapo College; MA in Mental Health Counseling, CUNY John Jay

SPECIALTIES: childhood trauma, religious trauma, anxiety, grief, self-esteem, addiction, relationship conflict